About Us

About Us

Our emphasis is giving glory to God and to His Son Jesus the Christ, who left the glories of heaven, came to this earth to be disgraced, and was put to death that we might have salvation and live with God eternally.  Recognizing that we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, (Romans 3:23) we would welcome you to join us as we sing praises and give glory and honor to Him who created us.

We are an evangelical, non-denominational church that believes the Bible is God's inspired word and we have a genuine love for His truth (Matthew 5:6;  James 1:22).  As members of God's family, we gather to show love for God and Jesus Christ (Romans 5:8;  1 John 5:3). We are determined to be good examples in our community and teach others daily by our attitudes and our actions (1 Timothy 4:12;  Philippians 2:14-16). Our trust and obedience are rendered to Jesus Christ and we enjoy serving in His kingdom with our hope centered on everlasting life in heaven (2 Timothy 4:7-8;  Revelation 22:14). 

If you are looking for a local church, that is still small enough for everyone to know and care about each other, then this might be the place for you and your family.  Whether you have lived here for years, are new to the area, or are just passing through the Huntsville/Madison area, we would love to meet you and invite you to our regular assemblies.


What To Expect

As a visitor at our events, you will be our honored guest. You will not be singled out or embarrassed in any way. Our focus will be on worshipping God with sincere hearts and glorifying Him.

Our times of worship attempt to respect and follow the patterns revealed in the New Testament. We believe that God is not pleased when our worship times become attempts to glorify or entertain ourselves. So, when you visit expect to find:

Praises given to Him in uplifting congregational singing.

Prayers offered to Him with thanksgiving and requests.

Communion and remembrance with the Lord's Supper served each Sunday.

Teaching from God's Bible for learning and relevant application to our daily living.

Contribution for His work by our local members each Sunday. Our guests will not be asked to give or donate.

Also, note that our building is accessible for seniors and those with physical disabilities using wheelchairs or scooters. We also have a nursery available for you and your infant to use if needed.


Our Meeting Times

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00 am

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm